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Montag, 02. September 2013

What you should know about catering Miami
Von miamicateringinfo, 15:46

There are a few things you should know about “catering Miami” which is the same term you looked for online. Here are a few tips to start with. If you are getting everything ready before the caterers come over, make sure the kitchen is spotless. Move anything that is considered an obstacle so this way they can work easily. You can provide things like pots, utensils and plates. Otherwise most catering companies will bring these items. Discuss this with your caterer before they come to the site. Otherwise, the party will be a mess if you haven't prepared and discussed the details most of the catering services will give you a printout of the things they need and will also check off anything they already have.

Catering Miami – Fun facts

Most caterers are super organized with a list of clients and folders for each client. They'll never forget your food but it's better to be safe by repeating yourself.

A catering company does not only cook the food. They also can contract their caterers to clean up the mess after. This means all dishes will be done and also the kitchen will get a quick wipe down.

Catering services will ask if you want décor too. Yes, they will decorate the tables if you decide to sign up for that service. It may cost you more since it will take another hour or so for this task. However, if you aren’t skilled in the decoration department, you’ll probably want to take them up on this service.

Remember that a catering service is not your personal made service. They will not clean your party after. However, you can have them clean the kitchen once they are through with it. This is just standard practice for them. Some companies either charge for this or have it included in the catering package.

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